Tire Guides, Inc. was founded by Bennett Garfield in 1950. Bennett Garfield, a young entrepreneur working in tire sales, recognized the industry’s need for more detailed tire information. He left his sales position and started a publishing company. The first publication, Tire-Fax, was an instant success. Seeing then how the industry welcomed this 'collection' of tire information, Bennett pressed on and in 1957 he debuted his company’s namesake publication the Tire Guide. Now for the first time tire dealers had an accurate up-to-date collection of motor vehicle fitment information covering a 10 year period which included tire sizes, optional tire sizes and inflation and rim specifications for both domestic and foreign vehicles.

Over the years, Tire Guides, Inc. has always made a priority of addressing the informational needs of the tire industry. In 1966, they expanded their publications by introducing the following publications, which are the primary resources for forensic tire examiners when determining the make and model of source tires from crime scene tire impressions:

Today, Tire Guides, Inc. is well known as the Worldwide Tire Information Center. In keeping up with technology, much of our information is available in an electronic format.

Their mission is to provide the most complete and up-to-date technical tire information in a variety of easy to use formats to anyone who may need or desire such valuable information.