Sabolich, A.R. (2018). Variability of Class Characteristics Observed in Die Cut Outsoles Composed of Both Rubber and Textile Materials. Journal of Forensic Identification, 68(2), 207-221.

Eight different products were tested to determine a hydrophobic barrier that could best preserve a footwear impression in water-soluble food products. A control test was performed with no product used between the water-soluble food product and the casting product. Because many of the products sufficiently preserved the more pronounced three-dimensional features, a set of minor and individual features were isolated to gauge the efficacy of each product. The results were varied. Some products produced an even worse cast than the control; others preserved only the major features. The best results were obtained using the sequential treatment of Krylon Colormaster Crystal Clear Gloss Spray Acrylic -> Arrid XX Ultra Clear Aerosol Spray Antiperspirant and Deodorant -> Snow Print Wax.