Tread Typer is a discussion board in the SWGTREAD Forum dedicated to assisting forensic community with identifying the make and model of the source footwear/tire based on the features in crime scene footwear/tire impressions. This board was the brainchild of the SWGTREAD membership back in 2010. Despite the disbanding of SWGTREAD as a group of professionals setting discipline-specific standards, the Forum still exists due to its perceived value by the forensic community for this resource.

This resource enables Forum users to post an image(s) of a crime scene footwear or tire impression in hopes that another Forum user will be able to identify the make/brand and model of the shoe or tire, which COULD be the source of the impression. Previously, practitioners emailed images of impressions to their colleagues, which was inefficient and didn't reach the wider footwear /tire practitioner community. Since its inception in October 2010, Tread Typer was only available to footwear practitioners. However, in March 2018, Tread Typer was made available to the wider law enforcement community.

In order to access Tread Typer, you must be a registrered as Law Enforcement or a Practitioner on the SWGTREAD Forum. Go to and register. Then, access the Tread Typer board under the Law Enforcement or Practitioners boards depending on your role. 


It is the responsibility of the practitioner posting to Tread Typer to verify the information/images included in the responses. It is recommended that you consult with the evidence contributor and remove case-related information in/from the images prior to posting on this board.