Bluestar's applications provides the framework for recording forensic data and the research and analysis features required to achieve effective results. The system draws on a vast array of information to link the forensic details to other aspects of ongoing case management. The system delivers extensive search and intelligence features to assist in the investigative process.

The National Footwear Reference Collection (NFRC) is the most comprehensive catalogue of footwear patterns available to date. It now handles more than 36,000 transactions a day, returning searches in typically less than a tenth of a second. The NFRC is the UK standard for coding footwear. The National Footwear Database (NFD) extends the NFRC by recording crime and custody reports supported by evidence collected at the scene.

The software encourages an accurate comparison of results by allowing images to be expanded in size and the finer details of the print to be examined. The comparison features allow users to compare as many, or as few results as needed on the same screen. These features are all designed to highlight the key matches or differences quickly.

Users can add a wealth of supplementary images, attachments, notes and other records to enhance the information available.