Currently the process of figuring out the model and type of a shoeprint found at a crime scene can be very labor intensive. A shoeprint expert has to perform a manual search through his own archives or start a search on internet. If no match is found often the help of colleagues is requested which is still no garantuee for a satisfactory answer.  Overall this process is very time consuming, while it is important for the investigation to get the results as fast possible.

To overcome these issues HOBBIT has developed PRIDE which is an automatic shoeprint matcher. This system is build in conjuction with shoeprint experts and forensic intelligence departments from the Netherlands.  The comparison of the shoeprints is fully automated and is based on the comparison of pictures, so no manual feature marking is required unlike other comparable systems on the market.

Another unique feature of PRIDE is the possibility to create a central database with shoe references and traces. This database can be shared throughout all your departments and locations, no need to create local files which are prone to duplication of information. Maintenance of the database can be centrally controlled by the built-in authorization options.